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We are a dynamic team with Industry Experience

This team understands YOU are the customer. We have a working knowledge of your market and we are able to relate to your employees. We have held form coils in our hands, bruised our shins on motor shafts walking through shops, felt the floor vibrate from the test run of an unbalanced motor, felt the heat and know the smell of a burn-out oven, and we will be impressed by the size of your VPI tank.

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01.Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide solutions for our clients, not just answers.  


We believe that when our clients succeed, we also succeed.

03.Our Approach

Being intentional with our clients. Spending the time to get to know the real issue, so that a  real solution can be found.     

Core Team Members

Our Expert Team members provide the best service for the market!

"Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations. I believe this is best done by getting to know our clients. This business is all about relationships."


Team Leader

"When it comes to video production or customer service, the best part of my job is seeing a vision and being a part of the journey for it to come to fruition"


Customer Service/Video Production

"Woof, woof. Woofie, woof, woof. Bark."


Mascot/Office Therapy

"I am excited to support our team behind the scenes to ensure office operations are moving at a pace that stays ahead of our client's requirements."


Office Manager

“ Listening to our Customers and Understanding their needs is critical to providing the correct software solution.”


Marketing Director

“ Understanding our customer's expectations and communicating effectively ensures our continued business relationship and that's my primary goal.”


Customer Service

Our team is not restricted to one person’s vision or concept. Instead, our collective ideas and input traverses one another’s understanding, creating opportunities and solutions well beyond what any one individual could reason.

We work together. We create together. We are the team behind your team!

The ARS Team also consists of contract employees, software engineers with BASIS International, and private consultants.

Client's testimonial

Check what's our clients say about us

"We are thankful for the exceptional performance of Admin Resource and Services and their years of support for our ACS Master system. Admin Resource and Services surpasses all expectation in response time, resolution and price. Their expertise and knowledge of the original architecture of the ACS Master system is why we value Admin Resource & Services as a critical partner to our business."


Sales & marketing Director, TigerTek

"Our company has used ACS Master since 1999. I paid Open Systems a monthly fee for support, but it seemed that I was always being charged extra when I needed support. Enter Glenn Sasscer with his company, ARS. Glenn was able to help us with any ACS issues we had. I still had the support plan with Open Systems, but I got better support from Glenn! I would highly recommend Glenn Sasscer and his team at ARS for support of the current Master system. We are so relieved that we have him in our corner!"


V.P of Administration, Bay Motor Winding

"I highly reccommend ARS to provide ACS support to your company. They are exeptional and carry the upmost professioinalism. Glenn has made it possible to continue to use ACS and we had a seemless transition to him. I cant say enough about his abilities and efforts to make sure we are completly satisfied. He has been helping me and my IT company move to a new server with minimal issues or headaches. His responsiveness has been outstanding and you will not be disappointed working with Glenn and his ARS team."


President, Atlantic Hydraulics